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More Words of Wisdom Add-On Pack

More Words of Wisdom Add-On Pack

Starting at: $3.50

More Words of Widsom Add-on kit by Julie contains an additional set of 6 papers and 25 elements.  Enjoy elements such as a vintage typewriter, vintage photo overlays, string, frames, watercolor items, and more.

This product comes in the following choices of licenses.  Please choose, before you purchase, which license you prefer located at the bottom of the zip files on this page.

Personal Use, often referred to as PU, allows you to use this product for your personal needs only.  You may create things for yourself and for your family with this type of license.  

This type of license is perfect for crafters, artists, and those that want to create things by printing them and then selling them to others such as cards or fliers .  You may NOT resell any of this product as is.  The product must be embedded into a product that you are going to print and sell.  You may not mass produce anything you make unless you have the designers written approval beforehand.  You may not use this product to create digital products to resell.  If you have questions about this type of license you may email your questions to

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  • Manufactured by: Julie Mead